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How to Get Disability Benefits in Fort Wayne After You’ve Lost Your Job

It can be challenging to obtain disability benefits in Fort Wayne if you have a job, but getting fired or losing your job does not mean you are automatically eligible. Today, the unemployment rate is low, but few of these unemployed people are disabled and thus eligible for disability benefits. Your work situation is only one factor that the Social Security Administration will consider when deciding your application.

Unlike state-run unemployment agencies, the federal Social Security system awards disability benefits to people who can no longer perform a job because of their disability, not to people who simply cannot find a job.

However, there is a relationship between being unemployed and having a disability. For example, you may have lost your previous job because you have a disability that prevented you from being able to adequately perform your job. Even if you didn’t lose your job due to your disability, you may be unable to find new work because there are no jobs available that you can do with your disabled condition. If this is your situation, an experienced Fort Wayne disability lawyer can help you learn how to get disability benefits.

Another reason you might be eligible for disability benefits if you lose your job is if your previous employer customized your position to allow you to do it despite your limitations. You may have held onto your job longer than you would have otherwise because your boss allowed you to take extra breaks or sit down when needed. It is unlikely that you will find a similar situation with a new employer, so it will be difficult for you to find a new job you can handle.

For more answers about how to get disability benefits in Fort Wayne, please fill out the claim evaluation form on this page.


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