Get What You Deserve — From Your Rep!

handshakeLast month, we detailed things claimants can do to aid themselves in the disability process, even when they have a representative to help. Now, we want to explain what OUR responsibilities are to our clients.

First and foremost, our job is to file any relevant appeals and represent you at any hearings, along with submitting the proper paperwork to complete the process. We owe it to you to do this in a timely fashion (provided you give us the materials in time). We excel at meeting deadlines!

One of our other major responsibilities is obtaining your medical documentation. This is not something we leave for you to do! We know the relevant dates to request, we know what departments to contact, we know the forms to submit to make this process go smoothly. Clients sometimes show up with stacks of medical records they spent a lot of time and money to get and then say, “I did all the work!” There’s no need for our clients to run around to all their physicians; it’s unnecessary and the materials they get are often duplicates of what we already have or requested.

We owe it to our clients to be persistent and to fight for them. We don’t take no for an answer and can bring up facets of your case you haven’t even thought of. We will be your disability bulldog!

When it comes to our clients, our lips are sealed. After decades in this business, there isn’t much we haven’t heard or that shocks us, and whatever you tell one of our staff members remains confidential. So don’t be embarrassed about conditions, side effects, work history, substance abuse, etc.

Keeping accurate records is our lifeblood. We pride ourselves on being organized and we keep a log of all correspondence, conversations, filings, etc. for each client so we can check and double-check. And yes, we have a backup if computer systems fail.

Because we are registered representatives with the Social Security Administration, we have access to their electronic record-keeping system. This often means we can get information on  your case more quickly and easily than if you wait on hold for an overworked SSA rep.

Last, but not least, is communication with you. If you don’t hear from us, it’s probably because there isn’t anything to tell (unless you haven’t kept your contact info current and we can’t reach you). We call you when we get copies of forms that SSA needs you to complete, or if they schedule exams, when a date has been set for your hearing and of course, if we get word you have been approved or denied. We also follow through and make sure you receive your payments. Any questions? Give us a holler. We may not be able to return your call immediately, but will do so as quickly as we can.


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