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Who Is Eligible For Supplemental Security Income Benefits?

Who Is Eligible For Supplemental Security Income?

Who Is Eligible For Supplemental Security Income Benefits? Supplemental Security Income is one of the programs administered through the Social Security Administration providing financial relief for individuals who are blind or disabled and with limited income and financial resources. What you may not realize about SSI, is that anyone who is 65 years of age […]
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Think You Can’t Afford an Attorney? Think Again!

Some people seeking help with disability claims are hesitant to contact an attorney because they think they can’t afford one. If that’s holding you back, relax! Unlike other areas of law where attorneys charge $200 per hour, those handling Social Security Disability cases don’t charge AT ALL until a client is awarded benefits. It may […]
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What the Heck is Taking So Long??

We get this question all the time from clients wanting to know why they haven’t heard anything in months about their Social Security Disability claim. The answer? Backlog. Not in our office, but in hearing offices across the country that are inundated with claimants appealing denials and requesting hearings. The SSA web site,, publishes […]
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When Mental Health Keeps you from Working

Awareness of mental illness has come a long way, but it can still be tough to prove it’s a disabling condition, at least according to Social Security criteria. In our practice, we often hear statements like, “My neighbor’s son got disability just because he said he was depressed (or is bipolar, or has anxiety).” While Social Security […]
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Plain Speaking

Do government employees seem to speak a foreign language when you try to get information? You may be interested to know that The Center for Plain Language recently awarded the Social Security Administration top marks on how clearly it communicates with the public. That being said, we know a lot of terms used by the […]
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