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“Do I HAVE to Go To a Hearing?”

This is one of the most common questions clients ask. And many times, the answer is yes. A majority of applicants are denied Social Security Disability on their first try. Some are approved after their first appeal (known as the reconsideration stage). But a far greater number are awarded benefits after they appeal a second […]
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An Appeal by Any Other Name — is NOT a New Application!

When you’re trying to get disability benefits from Social Security, there’s a lot of terms and jargon that can be very confusing. But tops on the list of things that confound clients is the difference between the terms “re-apply” and “appeal.” If your application for benefits is denied and you start over from scratch by […]
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Black Hawks, brain injuries and disability

Chicago and Northwest Indiana were awash in a sea of red and black recently, with the Black Hawks bringing home their third Stanley Cup in six years. With all eyes having been focused on hockey, this seems a good time to visit a serious subject linked to the sport in recent years — the risk […]
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Can We Talk? You Bet We Can

On many disability law firms’ web sites, you click on a chat box and carry on a virtual conversation with a faceless representative at that firm. But keep this in mind: Is that person a lawyer? Probably not (especially if the word “advocate” is in the company title). Will I get to see a lawyer? Sure you […]
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Big box vs. boutique

Does bigger mean better? Sometimes, but sometimes not. Every shopper knows there are times when you can’t find exactly what you want in a larger chain store, despite their rows upon rows of identical merchandise. Unique, one-of-a-kind items often are found only in smaller boutiques. That philosophy doesn’t apply only to material goods — it can […]
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Get What You Deserve — From Your Rep!

Last month, we detailed things claimants can do to aid themselves in the disability process, even when they have a representative to help. Now, we want to explain what OUR responsibilities are to our clients. First and foremost, our job is to file any relevant appeals and represent you at any hearings, along with submitting […]
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10 Ways to be the Perfect Client — or Claimant

People hire attorneys or representatives to help with Social Security Disability claims because they want help with the process, and we’re glad to provide that! But there are some things that clients (or claimants who choose to handle the process on their own), can do to relieve the stress of applying and to make things run […]
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How Long Will it Take to Get Disability?

One of the first questions we are asked is, “How long does the Social Security Disability process take?” While each claimant’s situation is unique, there are some general time frames that most people can expect. The first step, obviously, is to file an application (either in person, via phone or online). After preliminary processing by […]
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Alcoholism and Disability: Falsehoods vs. Facts

One of the things we frequently hear from clients frustrated by the Social Security Disability system is that alcoholics are so easily awarded benefits based solely on their drinking problem. In fact, this has not been true for years. The criteria related to alcoholism changed in 1996, after Congress required SSA to remove alcoholism (along with drug […]
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