How Do I Check The Status of My Social Security Disability Claim?

Waiting for a decision on a Social Security disability claim can be excruciating for someone experiencing financial pressures from being unable to work because of a disability. It is only natural to be anxious and want to know the status of your application or appeal.

Checking on the status of your claim does more than merely let you know that someone is working on it, the information available to you may allow you to take action to speed up the process. For example, you may learn that Social Security is waiting for your doctor to respond to a request for medical records supporting your claim. A call by you to your doctor may expedite the release of the requested records to speed up the processing of your application.

This guide to the options available for you to get information about the status of your Social Security disability claim includes suggestions for how to use the information to your advantage. Using a Social Security disability lawyer at Scully Disability to handle your application for benefits or to challenge a denial or other adverse action through the appeal process frees you from the burden of checking for updates. Your SSD lawyer stays on top of the claim and keeps you informed.

Why Is It Important To Periodically Check For Updates?

Whether you do it on your own or rely upon the lawyer handling your claim, checking the status of a claim or appeal may avoid unnecessary delays. For instance, Social Security eventually notifies you when your application for benefits has stalled in the review process either because of information missing from the application itself or because additional medical evidence is needed. Unfortunately, notices are sent by mail that could take time to get to you provided they do not get lost.

Using one of the methods available to check the status of a claim alerts you to issues that you may be able to act on immediately rather than waiting for a letter to be generated and make its way through the postal system. It allows you to speed things up, which is important when dealing with the financial pressures of a disability that prevents you from working.

An all-too-common example of an application being held up for a reason that may be easily addressed has to do with requests for medical records by Disability Determination Services. To evaluate your disability claim, DDS may request medical records from your health care providers.

If, in checking the status of the claim, you or your SSI lawyer may discover that it is being delayed because the DDS request has not been responded to by the physician or provider. It may take nothing more than a call from your lawyer to the medical provider to prompt compliance with the DDS request.

Time limits to request a reconsideration or one of the other stages in the appeal process generally run from when you are notified of a denial or other adverse determination. A notice from Social Security that is lost or delayed through mailing could jeopardize your right to challenge an unfavorable decision. You can avoid this simply by checking on the status of the claim or the appeal.

Check The Status Of Your Claim Online

The Social Security Administration offers a convenient online method to check the status of a Social Security disability claim with a free “my Social Security” account. Setting up an account is quick and easy and can be done by going to the SSA website, clicking on the “create an account” button, and following the simple instructions.

Some of the information available by using your “my Social Security” account includes the following:

  • Application filing date.
  • Current location of the claim.
  • Location of the field office handling the claim.
  • Hearing date, time, and location for an appeal.

The account can be used after you have been approved for benefits to access information about payments, Medicare and Medicaid.

Getting Status Information Over The Phone

If you cannot access the online method to check the status of your claim, you may do so by telephone. Calling the SSA lets you get access to current information about the status of a claim. The confirmation number you were given when you applied gives you phone access.

You also have the option to call the local Social Security field office handling your claim for benefits. If you do not recall which local field office handled the initial application, you can search for it using your ZIP code at the SSA website or ask your SSDI lawyer for it.

Look To An SSD Lawyer For Help

Instead of searching on your own for answers to questions about a claim for benefits, let a Social Security disability lawyer at Scully Disability get them for you. Contact us today for help with your Social Security disability claim.

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